Knowledgeable Professionals, Absolute Pleasure to Work With

Yvonne and the G2techs team are always available when I call with an IT issue. I love they are quickly responsive! Other firms took much longer to respond and when they did they did not always fix the problem accurately.

Yvonne and her team recently did an entire re-vamp of my computer systems at my dental office. She is professional, knowledgeable, and persistent in problem solving!

Yvonne set up her team to work on this project while the office was closed for vacation. When we returned, everything was setup and running! As a busy dentist, I do not want to deal with IT issues. Yvonne takes these off our hands.

G2techs provide great VALUE and earn every bit of what we pay them. I highly recommend them for all your business or personal computer needs.

I would tell prospective clients to give G2techs a try; you will love the expertise and customer service!

Dr. Karen Glerum, D.D.S. Smiles by Glerum
Boynton Beach, Florida

Takes our IT worries away!

As a small business owner growing into a big business owner having the confidence that I can contact G2techs at any time, and I get immediate help.  No matter what the issue is, hardware, software, equipment, and phone set up G2techs has been there for me which has allowed me to focus on growing my business rather than focusing on IT issues. G2techs has proven to have great knowledge and great customer service.  "Go for it - I think you will be impressed and pleased with your decision to hire G2techs"

Carolyn Zaumeyer NP-Owner-LowTE Florida
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Solutions when you need them most!

As a clinical research professional to the diagnostic industry, my company manages a large amount of time sensitive and highly confidential data. As such, we require access to expertise and rapid response time to resolving our computer issues. G2techs responsiveness and willingness to find a solution to the problem is critical to our success. I also appreciate the fact that G2techs does not blame the “user” for all issues. If you have tried other IT firms, you will quickly realize that you are an account number, not a person with a computer issue. G2techs treats me and my team with the same level of professionalism as we provide to our clients.

Alicia Sable-Hunt President
Edward Hunt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Taking Care Of Us Is Clearly Their #1 Priority!

Biggest benefits of working with G2techs is their quick response any day of the   week and  the fact that they will work on the problem until resolved. What G2techs does better is the keeping track of our office information and anticipates new issues that may arise. She prepares the practice and makes sure we are running smoothly. I have no reservations in telling anyone that G2techs is exceptionally reliable, confident, and knowledgeable. G2techs will clearly explain what is being done.

Dr. Regine Bataille, M.D. Gentle Medicine
Boynton Beach, Florida

Ability and Capability at your fingertips!

There are many items that arise in a family law practice, where changes on documents constantly need to be made. Having G2techs as my IT company and the owner Yvonne Graber, its founder and force, always finds time for me -no matter how busy they are. If I call her in the morning, I know without doubt that she will be back to me as soon as possible and won’t stop until she solves the problem. Yvonne and her team are committed to excellence. What is a mountainous problem for me is an ant hill for her.  However, she never makes me feel stupid or inept when I call her because paper gets stuck in my printer, or my email doesn’t go to the intended recipient. I would have no compunction to tell someone who was on the fence about choosing G2techs as your IT firm, “You cannot not find anyone better.”  If you want honesty, intelligence, determination, commitment, and knowledge of IT, you cannot do better than to choose G2techs.

Sharon Smolar, Esq. Law Offices of Sharon Wechsler Smolar, P.A.
Boca Raton, Florida

Always just a phone call away!

My company has been a client of G2Techs for over 18 years. Whenever there is an issue, no matter what hour, G2techs always either answers the phone or calls back within the hour. They are dependable resourceful, knowledgeable.  Although they may not always have the answer at their fingertips, they know where to find them. That’s what makes G2techs invaluable to our business success.

Richard Powell Owner
Connectors Plus
Boynton Beach, Florida

Quick Response ready to assist!

I own a fast-paced real estate office and we often need solutions right away. When we run into a computer or printing glitch, I know I can call G2techs and they can most times solve our issue remotely. Having G2techs, a phone call away is very comforting. As IT firms go why pay more and wait longer for solutions when G2techs will certainly be there for you.

Warren Drucker CEO/Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
Boca Raton, Florida

The company you can depend on!

We are a storage company and our needs for, and IT company are not that complex. With that said we still need a company that takes pride in having immediate response and shows up when needed. With the capability to remote in G2techs is always there. Based on our past history with G2techs I would tell any company looking for IT services to choose G2techs.

John Office Manager
AC Storage Place
Boynton Beach, Florida